"Yesterday is history, tommorrow is mystery, but today is a gift, that's why it is called the Present." I like this phrase for its wisdom and simplicity. Since nobody could make time stop running, no one could go back, as well as no one could go to the future, the only thing for us could do is about to make the best use of right now and catch the star that will take you to your dream.

The sentence on the left side of this paragraph has been a motto to me since I learned it from its owner, more accurately to say is its speaker. I attended a class of correcting my English pronunciation in the fall of 2009. It was a chance of not my actively intention to join this two-day training. I was not expected to get so much improved in this just two-day lecture as I told myself before I meet with the lecturer Jerry. However, His lecture was so excellent that some memory is still vividly in my mind at this moment, all the things about his story, his loved song, and his wisdom words. He was about my age when he followed his parents immigrating to Canada. He was not a very distinguished student at home and most sadly thing was that his English was poor as he moved there. He had no friend, no job and lost himself. But a man of being not content with his current status would definitely make a different. He forced himeself to watch only English TV programs, to make no Chinese friends, and to listen only English songs. All these efforts was to break the cold ice that he was totally a stranger in a society of English. Two years later, he acheived his basic goal and he went out to find job. He do it from a seller selling thing from door to door, it is not a easy job, but from his mouth, it is an interesting story to us. As you may guess, after so much frustration, he owned a good salary and a good position in a company. However, working for other people was not a happy ending. He hesitated to continue doing current job or make his own business. The saying on the left side was generated at that time. As wise men always choose the right thing, people who make the right choice are also called the wise.

August 23, 2012