1. Release Notes for pNovo v3.1.0

1.1. identifying unexpected modifications.

1.2. supporting the machine learning algorithm (SVM) to improve the accuracy.

1.3. supporting HCD and ETD spectra pairs.

1.4. supporting different enzymes data sets.

1.5. supporting multiple processes running to improve the searching speed.

1.6. having the search interface and result display interface.

2. Release Notes for pNovo v3.1.1

2.1. supporting N-terminal modifications and c-terminal modifications.

2.2. fixing some bugs, e.g., pNovo crashes when setting N-terminal modifications.

3. Release Notes for pNovo v3.1.2

3.1. supporting to add new modifications.

4. Release Notes for pNovo v3.1.3

4.1. fixing some bugs.

5. Release Notes for pNovo v3.1.5

5.1. Fixed the bug for the calculation of fixed modifications during repeated searches with GUI.

5.1. Fixed the bug for the display of amino acids for pNovo+ and pSite.