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pLink® 2 is developed as an upgrade of pLink 1. Compared with pLink 1, pLink 2 provides a graphical user interface, and is ~40 times faster with a newly designed index structure. There are also some improvements in the precision.

Our paper A high-speed search engine pLink 2 with systematic evaluation for proteome-scale identification of cross-linked peptides has been published by Nature Communications. Please cite this paper if you used pLink 2.

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A high-speed search engine pLink 2 with systematic evaluation for proteome-scale identification of cross-linked peptides.
Zhen-Lin Chen, Jia-Ming Meng, Yong Cao, Ji-Li Yin, Run-Qian Fang, Sheng-Bo Fan, Chao Liu, Wen-Feng Zeng, Yue-He Ding, Dan Tan, Long Wu, Wen-Jing Zhou, Hao Chi, Rui-Xiang Sun, Meng-Qiu Dong & Si-Min He.

Nature Communications. July 30, 2019. [abstract]


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Please read pLink2 User Guide before using pLink 2.

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* The expiration date of pLink 2.3.11 is set on Jan. 10, 2025.

* If RAW file read required, MSFileReader, 3.0 SP2 or a lower version, both 32 bit and 64 bit, need be installed first.

 If you have problem to run pLink 2 on Windows 7, please see this issue. Re-install MSFileReader using "Run as administrator".

* .NET framework 4.5 or a higher version is required.

* Java is also required for quantitation.

Latest Release Logs

pLink 2.3.11

* Change the website to from

* Add the self-service registration website

* The license for version 2.3.10 is still valid for version 2.3.11. The same expiration date is Jan. 10, 2025.

Version history

Release version Release date Download Click for more
pLink 2.3.11 2022-03-28 Site1    Site2 Release Notes
pLink 2.3.10 2022-01-12 Site1    Site2 Release Notes
pLink 2.3.9 2020-01-07 Site1    Site2 Release Notes
pLink 2.3.8 2019-12-27 Site1    Site2 Release Notes
pLink 2.3.7 2019-11-05 Site1    Site2 Release Notes
pLink 2.3.6 2019-09-30 Site1    Site2 Release Notes
pLink 2.3.5 2018-12-29 Site1    Site2 Release Notes
pLink 2.3.4 2018-09-05 Download Release Notes
pLink 2.3.3 2018-05-30 Download Release Notes
pLink 2.3.2 2018-04-04 Download Release Notes
pLink 2.3.1 2018-02-09 Download Release Notes
pLink 2.3.0 2018-01-31 Download Release Notes
pLink 2.2.1649 2017-12-30 Download Release Notes
pLink 1.23 2015-08-31 Download Release Notes