pFind Studio: a computational solution for mass spectrometry-based proteomics

Software Description
pFind Peptide and protein identification from tandem mass spectra.
pLink Chemically cross-linked proteins or protein complexes analysis using mass spectrometry.
pGlyco Intact glycopeptides analysis using mass spectrometry.
pNovo De novo sequencing of peptides from MS/MS data without any databases.
pChem A modification-centric assessment tool for performance of chemoproteomic probes.
pTop Intact protein analysis using mass spectrometry.
pQuant Peptide and protein quantitation analysis.
pAnno Proteogenomic analysis tools based on the MS/MS searching results.
pLabel Mass spectral peak labeling tool developed for proteomics research.
pXtract Text-plain spectra extraction from vendor's MS/MS data formats.
pParse Extraction and Calibration of monoisotopic peaks of precursors in MS/MS datasets.
DBReducer Database reduction method to facilitate large-scale database search in proteomics.